iPhone no sound how to fix

iPhone No Sound – How to Fix

If you have no sound/ speaker volume on your iPhone it can be incredibly frustrating. It pretty much makes your phone close to useless. This problem or issue applies to all iPhone models including iPhone 3G/ iPhone 4 & 4S/ iPhone 5/5s iPhone 6/ 6S/ 6Plus. If you have a older iPhone such as the iPhone 3G/ 4 & 5 then this sounds issue seems to be more of a problem.

Some symptoms you may be coming across include:

  • No sound on iPhone notifications
  • iPhone rings but no sound
  • No sound on Apps, music, YouTube videos
  • Alarm will make sound but nothing else.
  • Cant hear people talking on iPhone

Below we have sourced fixes and steps on how to fix this no sound issue on your iPhone. These steps are ordered in what seem to be the most successful fix.

iPhone No Sound Step 1

This step is the most obvious and the most simple but must be checked. I know myself i have been frustrated wondering why my iPhone has no sound then i will check the silent button and just sigh. The silent button is located on the side of the iPhone and has the orange tap which indicates that the iPhone is on silent. If so just switch it back the other way.

iPhone no sound how to fix

iPhone No Sound Step 2

Also as a continuation of the above step it to insure that the volume is up high. This can be done by adjusting the volume buttons on the side of the iPhone. Alternatively you can slide up from from the bottom of the screen to the shortcut centre. From there you can also adjust the iPhone slide the toggle up.

iPhone no sound how to fix

iPhone No Sound Step 3

This is a good step for anytime you have a glitch or issue with your iPhone. Simply hold the home button and the power button together at the same time for 1o seconds. This is a simple restart of the iPhone which should eliminate in sound issues that may be occurring. Also anytime you have a issue including wi-fi, reception, blank screen this is worth while doing.

iPhone no sound how to fix

iPhone No Sound Step 4

Ok this one sounds very strange but trust me on this! What you want to do is squeeze the bottom right hand corner of the iPhone. Yep squeeze it, you want to do this for about 30 seconds and put some face into it. This is done as the speaker connections in the iPhone sometimes come loose and this reconnects it. Don’t worry about the left hand side as that is for the microphone.

iPhone no sound how to fix

iPhone No Sound Step 5

This is another strange step but is also very successful for fixing the no sound on iPhone issue. What you want to to is clean the charging port of your iPhone with a toothbrush or tooth pick. This is a good method for removing any gunk or dirt that may have accumulated in the charging area.

iPhone no sound how to fix

Clean the charging area pretty throughly and even use a light to inspect if there is any remains dirt. By doing this your cleaning the connecter of the port which may be causing the iPhone to think its on a music dock and therefore won’t play sound through the iPhone.

iPhone No Sound Step 6

If you have recently dropped your iPhone into water or liquid or even if you live in a humid environment then this may cause sound/ speaker issues on the iPhone. If the iPhone has a lot of moisture or leftover liquids then this can cause a faulty connection resulting in no sound. So find a hair dryer and gently apply heat to the iPhone on the lowest heat. Keep the hair dryer at a good distance so you don’t over heat the iPhone. This should eliminate any excess moisture or fluids.

iPhone no sound how to fix


iPhone No Sound Step 7

This method is similar to the above step of removing moisture from the iPhone. Simply turn off the iPhone and place it into a bag or container of dry rice for up to 24 hours. The rice will evaporate any moisture from the iPhone. The longer you leave it in the rice the better.

iPhone no sound how to fix

iPhone No Sound Step 8

This step is similar the cleaning of the iPhone charging dock but you will instead be cleaning the headphone jack. Its good to clean the headphone jack as sometime if its dirty it will trick the iPhone into thinking it is using headphones resulting in no sound or speaker on the iPhone. There are 2 good ways of cleaning the jack, first is to insert and then remove a pair of headphone repetitively for about a minute. Second is to use a tooth pick and remove any first or grime.

iPhone no sound how to fix

iPhone No Sound Step 9

If you have bluetooth on or wi-fi then turn these off and on. This is done as of you have recently contacted to a bluetooth device or speaker the iPhone may still be trying to connect resulting in no sound. Also check that your iPhone isn’t connect to a bluetooth device while doing this method.

iPhone no sound how to fix

iPhone No Sound Step 10

Another good step of eliminating the no speaker or audio on iPhone is to blow into the dock. If you blow forcefully into the iPhone charging area you may remove or dislodge any dirt or grime that may be accumulating.

iPhone no audio how to fix


If any of these steps or fixes have worked for you then please share down below as it all helps!